Singapore Work Visa Process 2023 and High Salaries

Singapore is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It is a highly developed Free market. You need to know about the Singapore Work Visa Process 2023 and the type of Work Visas if you want to Work in Singapore. Singapore is named the world’s second most prosperous economy. In Singapore there are high Paying salaries, More Job Opportunities, Advanced System, and No IELTS test required for Singapore Work Visa.

Singapore always attracts a high number of Internationals who apply for a Work Visa. Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is the responsible body for Work Visas. According to them, there are 1.3 Million Foreign workers working in Singapore. More than 20% of the country’s overall population. To Work in Singapore, you need to get a Singapore Work Visa. In this, we will explain the types of Singapore Work Visa, Processes, timelines, and fees.

Singapore Work Visa Process 2023 Explained

In order to Work in Singapore, you need to get a Work Visa for Singapore. The Work Visa for Singapore is known as Pass. Everyone who is not a citizen of Singapore has to obtain a work Pass to be allowed to work in Singapore.

Types of Singapore Work Visa 2023

The work visas are divided into:

  • Singapore work visas for professionals.
  • Singapore work visas for skilled and semi-skilled workers.
  • Singapore work visas for trainees and students.
  • Short-term work passes.

1# Singapore Work Visa for Professionals

This Visa is divided:

  • Employment Pass: This Visa is available to foreign managers, executives, and professionals. You will have to make at least S$3,600 a month.
  • Personalized Employment Pass: This type of Visa is available if you are a high-earning foreigner or current Employment Pass holder. The PEP offers more flexibility than other work Passes.
  • EntrePass: This type of Visa is available to the ones who are interested to invest in Singapore like if they want to open a business.

2# Singapore work visas for skilled and semi-skilled workers

If you are a skilled worker or a semi-skilled worker, then you can apply for one of the following work Visas for Singapore.

  • S Pass
  • Work Permit for Foreign Workers
  • Work Permit for Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW)
  • Work Permit for confinement nanny
  • Work Permit for performing artists

3# Singapore Work Visas for Trainees and Students

This type of Visa is available to foreign students and trainees in Singapore:

  • Training Employment Pass
  • Work Holiday Pass
  • Training Work Permit

4# Short-term work passes for Singapore

This Visa allows working in Singapore for 60 days.

Requirements for Singapore Work Visa

These are the requirements to get a Singapore Work Visa.

  1. Find a job in Singapore.
  2. After getting a Job. The next step is a work permit
  3. Your employer in Singapore will apply for a work permit for you. They will pay your fee.
  4. After the work permit is approved they will issue an IPA Letter.
  5. Using your IPA letter, you can travel to Singapore.

How to Apply for a Singapore Work Visa

You will first need to Find a Job in Singapore. There are many companies working in Singapore such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. You can search on google for the List of Companies in Singapore. To Know more about Singapore Work Visa visit their website (Here)

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