Most Employable/Popular Degrees In Canada? | 2022

Every field is important as you need different expertise in different sectors but there are some fields that are not specialized and are a bit more general and have a job opening all year round. And that is why, some of the most popular masters degrees in Canada include business administration, engineering, and computer science. These degrees tend to be more versatile and applicable to a wider range of industries than other specialized degrees, so they may be a good option for students who are unsure about their career goals.

Getting a degree in technology, engineering, or health science automatically exposes you to lots of internship opportunities while you are still studying and after you have graduated. Also, due to Canada’s under-population issues and lack of labor to fill in spaces in these fields, you have increased chances of staying back in Canada to work when you take a degree related to any of them.

Most Employable/Popular Degrees In Canada?

Some examples from the field of technology, engineering, health science and business administration.

  • Accountant
  • Account manager
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Blockchain developer
  • Cybersecurity specialist
  • Data scientist
  • Human Resource (HR) manager
  • Medical practitioners (doctors, physiotherapists, etc)
  • Project manager
  • Software engineer
  • Veterinarians
  • Web developer

These three fields which are given below have been discussed a bit to provide an idea of there scope in Canada.

Data Science

Data science is one of the degrees that have and is still constituting a significant amount of the recruit made by the Canadian government. Data Scientists also earn reasonable salaries in Canada.

With technology comes new ways of making research, grouping data, and making important postulations. A degree in data science is a good lead for you as you will be needed in many areas such as Canada’s healthcare sector, immigration processes, population management, etc. Indeed, the list is endless. For every organization that has need to compile data, make research and bring deductions from it, at least, one data scientist will be recruited.

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Degree in Management

The high prospects of getting employed in Canada with a degree in management is not hard to see. This is because every company, industry, or organization has need for at least one senior or overseeing manager and many other managers presiding over the various segments in the organization. A degree in management could mean you have high potential to get a job in administrative service, budget management, management analysis, market management, project management, and human resource management.

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Upon the completion of a graduate degree in finance, you will be eligible to work in a variety of financial positions such as security analyst, market research analyst, bank manager, mortgage broker or portfolio manager. Toronto, on the most populated cities in Canada has a high demand for workers in finance and continually puts out vacancies in that regard. This is not farfetched since the city houses most of the country’s well developed banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions.In other provinces and regions of the country, you will still find opportunities to work in finance. Asides from financial institutions that actively employs labor in the field, every other organization requires at least one or two persons to manage its finance. You will never look to far to find a vacant position with a degree in this field.

Can one work in Canada with a Foreign Degree?

Yes. You do not necessarily need to have a degree from a college or university in Canada to get a job. Canada actively recruits graduates in diverse fields from many parts of the world to become part of its workforce. Some of the countries where Canada has actively received immigrants for the sake of work include, India, China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Korea, the United States, the Philippines, and Nigeria.


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