Money Needed to Apply for Canadian Express Entry Jobs in 2023

Many people who are living in developing countries want to shift to Canada for a better lifestyle and way of living. Canada is ranked no. 1 for the best quality of life. Whether it is high-salary jobs, healthcare, or the education system one can settle easily and have a good lifestyle. Now you might be thinking Canadian Express Entry Jobs in 2023 process.

Canada’s population is very less which is why there is a shortage of workers there and hence employers are allowed to hire someone if they cannot find someone in Canada they can hire someone from another Country with visa sponsorship in Canada. As Canada has also opened an immigration plan form 2023-2025.

How Much Money is Needed to Apply for Canadian Express Entry Jobs in 2023

So we have compiled an average cost that you will need if you apply for a job in Canada via express entry or provincial nominee program (PNP) then how much money you will be spending for the whole process?

Generally you will need approximately,

  • CAD$16K as an individual
  • CAD$22.7k as a couple

Lets Look at the list and breakdown all the things that will cost money.

1- Taking English Language Test

In Canada two languages are spoken that is French and English and to be able to live there you need to know any one language of both. And you need too provide proof of your proficiency in one of these languages and for that you need to give language proficiency test. which may cost depending on what test you give and where you live.

A list of some countries and IELTS test fee 2023 which is mentioned below:

  • Europe is from EUR 240 to EUR 262, which is approximately USD 271 to USD 296.
  • the United Kingdom is from which is Pound 162 to Pound 180 approximately, USD 203.
  • Canada is CA USD 309 (Kitchener, Ontario) and CA USD 319 (all locations outside) approximately, USD 243 to USD 251.
  • the United States is USD 310.
  • India is INR 13250 (Indian Rupee), approximately USD 178.
  • Australia is AUD 340, which is approximately USD 244
  • Pakistan is PKR 37500 (Pakistani Rupee), which is approximately 130 USD

2- Bio-metric Fees For Immigration

You need to give your bio-metrics in embassy when you apply for your visa or the immigration process and that is not free.

  • For one person : $85
  • per family (2 or more people): $170
  • per group (3 or more performing artists): $255

For more details you can Check Here.

3- Immigration Application Processing fees

It takes most of the money out of your wallet during the whole process. An avergae breakdown of the cost is given below:

  • single applicant would be charged an amount of $850
  • for 1 application processing whereas $1700
  • for a couple applications, $1930 for a couple with 1 child
  • and around $2160 for a couple with 2 kids

4- Education Credentials Evaluation (ECA) Fees

You need to verify your educational degrees from the Canadian embassy and that is also not free. PNP or express entry Candidate needs to pay

  • $200 for 1 applicant
  • $400 for 2+ applicants

5- Medical Examination Expenditures

They differ in each country and will not cost more then 100$. It will be probably below that.

6- Fees for Right of Permanent Residence of Canada

For Permanent resident right permit one needs to pay this fee

  • For a single Person: $515
  • For a couple or a couple with up to 2 kids: $1030

For more Details check Here:

Some miscellaneous fee needs to be paid as well for courier photos police record etc which will depend on where you get it done from.

Canada Express Entry Calculator 2023

You can check out a general score you get in the Canada Express Entry Calculator 2023

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