Malta Work Visa Process 2023 | Requirements & Guidelines

Hello everyone here we came up with an exciting Post that is about the Malta Work Visa Process 2023. In this post, we will tell you about the Requirements for a Malta Work Visa, the Timeline, the Types of Malta Work Visas, and the application process for how you can apply online for a Malta Work Visa in 2023. But before this, why should you work in Malta? Malta is a small but very exciting country, especially for Job and work opportunities. Everyone who is coming from outside a European country needs to apply for a visa to work in Malta. European citizens can stay for an unlimited time and work without a work permit.

Fun fact about Malta: There are more Maltese people in Melbourne, Australia than there are in Malta. That is why in Malta there are huge Chances of Getting a Job and you will be paid very well. Once you arrive in Malta then you must have to register with the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs within three months. You will need a Job offer and letter before applying for Malta working Visa. We will tell you all the details in this Post. Follow our Study and Work Visa Category.

Detailed About Malta Work Visa Process 2023

  • Host Country: Malta
  • Type of Opportunity: Working Visa

How to Find a Job in Malta?

Before applying for a Malta Work Visa, first search and apply for a Suitable Job that is available in Malta. There are numerous European government websites where you can Find Job opportunities in Malta. Here we have given a few websites to Find a Job.

  • Jobs in Malta:

Find a Job in Europe: This is an Official Euro Job Portal. There are thousands of Jobs advertised on this website for Malta. Select the Location Malta.

  • Visit:

Malta Work Visa Types

There are three types of Malta Work Visas. These are issued by the Government of Malta.

  • Single Permit
  • Key employment initiative
  • EU Blue Card

Malta Single Permit

This Visa permit allows individuals or anyone from outside Malta to come and work in Malta for the long term. To apply for this permit, you must have an offer letter of employment from a Maltese employer. And you can get that by applying for a Job in Malta. You must submit the application for a single permit in Malta.

Processing time for Malta Single Work Permit: The Malta Work Visa Processing time for a Single Permit takes approximately two to three months to process.

Key Employment Initiative

The Key Employment Initiative is a new Malta Work permit that is launched for Skilled Workers. This Visa is relatively issued Very fast with a processing time of just five days or max ten days. To qualify for this Visa, there are some requirements you should meet:

  • Relevant Skills and work experience for the qualified job.
  • An annual salary of at least €30,000.
  • Document copies of your previous work experiences over the last three years.

EU Blue Card

The Malta EU Blue Card is issued for at least one year and can be renewed indefinitely, provided you still meet the employment criteria. The EU Blue Card is also for Highly skilled workers.

Malta Work Visa Requirements

Here is a list of documents that you needed to apply for a Malta Work Visa from any country. However, the list can be changed and varies. You may be asked for additional documents from the embassy.

  • Your valid passport
  • Work visa application form
  • A passport-sized photo
  • A work contract
  • Your updated CV
  • Medical insurance
  • Accommodation proof
  • Flight itinerary

Application Process for Malta Work Visa 2023 (Important)

The application process is not always short. You have to keep patience and follow the guidelines.

  1. Collect the required documents.
  2. Enter Malta and submit the application.
  3. Apply for an employment license.
  4. Receive the work permit and begin working.

Step 1: Collect the required Documents

To apply for a Malta work Visa, prepare the documents that are mentioned above.

Step 2: Enter Malta and submit the Application

You have to submit the application for a Malta work visa from inside Malta. Follow this Process.

  1. Apply for a Malta national visa for employment at the embassy of Malta in your country*.
  2. Receive the Interim Receipt card
  3. Apply for a Single Permit. After you enter Malta, you must submit the application form and all the documents required to the Identity Malta Agency in person.

Step 3: Apply for an Employment License

Your employer in Malta must apply for an employment license. This is also known as a work permit. This will be for one year.

Step 4. Receive the Work Permit and Begin Working

Once your application and all documents are approved. you will receive a response. If your Malta work permit is approved, you will be legally allowed to work in Malta now.

Can I Apply for a Malta Work Visa from Abroad?

No, you cannot.

Malta Work Visa Fees

Single Permit €280.50
Employment License €150
The Application for Employment License €50
EU Blue Card €140
Type D (National Visa) 100 

Duration of a Malta Work Visa

The work visa duration for Malta is one year. However, you can extend it later.

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