Fully Funded Internships in 2023 for International Students

Hello Everyone. Are you looking for a Fully Funded International Internship? In this article, we will tell you some Top Fully Funded Internships in 2023 for International Students. Before that let me tell you some good points regarding these Internships. These Internships are open to anyone from any part of the world. The Internships don’t need an IELTS Test.

These Fully Funded Internships will cover all the expenses including Airfare Tickets as well. Applicants who are studying or graduated can apply. Basically, these Internship Opportunities are for Bachelors, Masters, and PhD Students. And they are the most popular and famous ones. Let me quickly take you through the List of Fully Funded Internships in 2023 for International Students.

List of Best Fully Funded Internships in 2023 

The List of Fully Funded Internships for International students is available below.

1# ADB Internship

The ADB is Asian Development Bank Internship Program for International students. This is a Fully Funded Internship for a total duration of 8 Weeks. No IELTS/TOEFL Requirements. Masters and PhD applicants can apply for this Internship.

2# World Bank Internship

The World Bank Internship is also a Fully Funded Internship that the WB funds. They offer Summer Internships and Winter internships. The Internship is also open to international students. The World Bank Internship Program (BIP) will give you a $3000 stipend, and Airfare Tickets as well.

3# UNICEF Internship Program

UNICEF is another Popular Fully Funded Internship for international students. The Internships are available in different countries. The UNICEF Internship is for bachelor’s, Masters, and PhD Applicants. They will also cover Air tickets, Visa fees, Accommodation, and meals. The Internship is available in all fields.

4# UNDP Internship

The UNDP Internship without IELTS for International students. The Internship at UNDP will be for six months at the United Nations Development HQ, New York. This is a Paid Internship Program and UNDP works under United Nations. Applicants who are enrolled in Undergraduate, Graduate Degrees in Any Academic Field are Eligible.

5# UNCHR Internship

UNCHR stands for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. The UNCHR Internship Provided the opportunity for International applicants to complete their practical internship in Switzerland. This internship will last for six months. Applicants doing Undergraduate, Graduate Degrees in Any Academic Field are Eligible. IELTS/TOEFL is not required.

6# FAO Internship

The FAO also works under United Nations. And this opportunity is also for all international students. Undergraduate students and Graduates can apply for the FAO Internship Program. You don’t need to give an IELTS Test. Most of the Internships are available in Rome, Italy. The Interns will receive a stipend of $700, and accommodation and food will also be provided.

7# WHO Internship

The World Health Organisation Internship applications are open too. The WHO internships are open to Undergraduates, graduates, and Ph.D applicants. Applicants with a diverse field and from different academic backgrounds are eligible to apply. The Duration of the Internship is Six to Twenty-Four weeks.

8# IMF 2023 Summer Internship

IMF also offers Paid and Fully Funded Internships in 2023 for International students. The IMF works under UN. The IMF internship is open to Undergraduates and GraduatesPh.D. Students as well as LLM, and J.D, Students. Selected applicants and students will fly to Washington D.C., USA. Approximately 50 students from around the world join IMF Internship Program.

9# Microsoft Canada and USA Internship

The Microsoft University Internship program is open to applicants from worldwide. Microsoft provides Internship Opportunities in the United States and in Canada. It is also a Paid internship. Microsoft will cover Air tickets, Meals, and accommodation. All Bachelor, Masters, and PhD Students can apply.

10# Tesla Internship

The Tesla Canada Internship is a Paid internship opportunity for international students around the world. The applications are open all year and you can apply at any time.

Conclusion: In this post, we mentioned Top Fully Funded Internships in 2023. These Internships are famous, and you should apply at any time from anywhere. No deadline.

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