Free IELTS Preparation by British Council 2023 (Free IELTS Resources)

Hello Everyone. The British Council is offering a six-week free online IELTS preparation course in 2023. Join Free IELTS Preparation by British Council, take free practice tests, and mock tests, and learn IELTS from the top experts for free. If you are preparing for the IELTS examination then start with the British Council IELTS Preparation Program 2023 is right for you from where you can download Free IELTS resources.

Anyone from anywhere can take this opportunity. There is no deadline. The IELTS preparation by the Brtish council is about Understanding IELTS, Tips, and guidelines. The British Council offers free online resources to help you prepare for the IELTS exam. You can access these resources on the British Council’s IELTS preparation website. All you need to know about the free online IELTS course is through British Council only.

All About Free IELTS Preparation by British Council

  • Organization: British Council
  • Mode of Preparation: Virtually (online)
  • I will strongly advise you to take this Free British council test.

Why You Should Take the British council IELTS practice test

  • First of all, IELTS is prepared by the British Council.
  • The British Council is the main body and they organize the IELTS tests all over the world. That’s why they know what is important.
  • You will learn and get to know about all important things, and topics.
  • You can try the tests, print them out, or do them on a computer simulator like the real test experience.
  • This is a Free online preparation course that includes practice tests, exercises, and advice from IELTS experts. You can take practice tests online.
  • You can access a range of study materials for free, including sample exam questions and model answers.
  • You can find tips and advice on how to prepare for the IELTS exam, including guidance on the different test components and strategies for improving your performance.

What’s included in the Course?

The British Council Free IELTS Preparation course includes:

  • All IELTS Modules.
  • IELTS Academic and General Training
  • Practice zone
  • Sample videos
  • Teacher Tutorials
  • Timed practice tests “My Progress” section
  • “Resource Bank” section.

IELTS Test Format

  • Free online IELTS practice tests
  • Free online IELTS Listening practice tests
  • Free online IELTS Reading practice tests
  • Free online IELTS Writing practice tests
  • Free online IELTS Speaking practice tests

Who can Avail of this Free IELTS course by British Council?

  • Everyone can apply from anywhere online.
  • No Deadline.
  • Flexible options.
  • Hard-working and passionate students to ace IELTS can apply.
  • Everyone willing to get high scores in IELTS can apply.

Benefits of Free IELTS Preparation by British Council

  • The benefit is it’s Free obviously. Everyone loves when it comes to Free.
  • You have the chance to excel in your first attempt at the IELTS exam.
  • The computer-based IELTS test offers a free sample version, which includes the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections, and takes 2 hours and 30 minutes, mirroring the real IELTS test.
  • The British Council provides tests for both Academic and General Training, based on your specific needs.
  • Additionally, free results are available for the Listening and Reading sections.

Any Deadline?

No. There is no deadline for these British council free online IELTS Preparation. You can take this anytime, from anywhere in the world.

How to Apply for the Free IELTS Preparation by British Council

To access these resources, you can visit the British Council’s IELTS preparation website at

  • Students have to apply through the official website.
  • Register yourself for the British IELTS preparation course.
  • Complete the details and submit them.

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