Can You Study in Canadian Universities in English?

Can You Study in Canadian Universities in English, this is the question that arises in every student’s mind so lets clear up this confusion.

Most universities in Canada teach in English (though some lecture classes are in French). Because of this, schools such as McGill University require English proficiency through IELTSTOEFL, or Cambridge exams. The same requirements apply at the University of British Columbia, which has an English Language Admission Standard that the foreign applicant must meet.

Students in Canada can choose from a wide range of English as well as French-taught Master’s degrees. Depending on which language you choose to study in, you will have to prove your proficiency level.  Of the nineteen universities, three are anglophone: Concordia University, McGill University and Bishop’s University. One, the Royal Military College Saint-Jean, is bilingual (between French and English).

The main English language tests accepted by top universities in Canada:

Some universities may accept other English tests, like:

  • CAEL (Canadian Academic English Language Assessment)
  • CanTEST (Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees)
  • MELAB (Michigan English Language Assessment Battery)

French tests accepted by universities in Canada

  • DALF
  • DELF
  • TEF
  • TCF
  • TestCan

Canada’s largest English-language university?

The University of Toronto is the Canada’s largest English -language university.

Do Canadian universities teach in English?

Students may choose from nine English-speaking universities as well as professional schools which offer a wide variety of learning environments and an impressive array of course offerings.

Do Canadian universities teach in English?

Primary language of the school — The most common languages spoken in Canada are English and French. Some schools use one or both as their main language. Be sure that you’ll be able to study and communicate in the necessary one.

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