Australia Skilled Nominated Visa 2023 (NSW) Without Experience | Permanent Visa

Due to the increased demand for skilled workers. The Australian Government removed the work experience requirements in 2023. Apply for the Australia Skilled Nominated Visa 2023 (NSW) Without Experience. This recent change has been made to invite applicants worldwide to work in Australia. A lot of workers are in demand. This Visa allows you to stay permanently in Australia. This Visa will enable you to work in New South Wales Australian state.

This is an excellent way of inviting international workers. Australia Planning to issue work Visas for Foreigners based on demand without any previous work experience. In this post, we will you with the details, and requirements for Australian Work Visa, eligibility criteria, and steps by step process to apply for the Australia Skilled Nominated Visa 2023 (NSW) Without Experience.

The Ultimate Guide To Australia Skilled Nominated Visa 2023 (NSW) Without Experience

  • Host Country: Australia
  • State: New South Wales
  • Visa Type: Skilled Nominated Visa (NSW – New South Wales)
  • Stay: Permanent

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What is New South Wales Australia Skilled Nominated Visa?

The Australian Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) is a permanent resident visa for skilled workers who are nominated by a state or territory government in Australia. This visa allows the holder to live and work in Australia indefinitely, and to access certain government services and benefits.

New South Wales (NSW) has made changes to the requirements for the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) that include the removal of a work experience requirement.

What you can do with this Visa?

You can:

  • stay in Australia permanently
  • work and study in Australia
  • enroll in Australia’s public health care scheme
  • sponsor your relatives to come to Australia
  • travel to and from Australia for 5 years
  • if eligible, become an Australian citizen

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How long you can Stay in Australia on this Visa?

The Australia Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190) is a permanent residency visa that allows you to live and work in the country on an indefinite basis.

However, the travel component of this visa does require renewal every five years from the date of the grant.

Eligibility Criteria for NSW Skilled Nominated Visa

To be eligible for this visa:

  • The applicant must have a relevant skillset that is in demand in Australia, and be under the age of 45.
  • You can still apply for the visa if you turn 45 after we invite you to apply.
  • The applicant must also be nominated by a state or territory government agency and pass a points-based assessment.
  • Meet all requirements outlined by Home Affairs for this visa
  • Must have one of the skills listed (NSW skills list) which are in demand.

NSW Skilled Nominated Visa Fee? (Visa Cost)

The visa costs AUD4,240 for the main applicant.

NSW Australia Work Visa Processing time

The Australia Work Visa Processing time for the Skilled Nominated Visa is:

  • 25% of applications: 6 Months
  • 50% of applications: 7 Months
  • 75% of applications: 11 Months
  • 90% of applications: 15 Months

How to get an Australia to Work Visa?

The New South Wales Australia work visa requirements are:

  • Confirm you are eligible for this visa
  • Confirm you meet the NSW basic eligibility criteria outlined above


Is Australia issuing a work visa?

Yes. Australia is issuing all types of work visas to international applicants. Because Australia is facing a shortage of workers. And there is a huge demand for international applicants.

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Why You Should Work in Australia?

There are many reasons why someone might choose to work and stay in Australia. Here are a few:

  • High standard of living: Australia is known for its high standard of living, with excellent healthcare, education, and infrastructure.
  • Strong economy: Australia has a strong and stable economy, providing ample job opportunities for skilled workers.
  • Outdoor lifestyle: Australia is known for its beautiful beaches, parks, and natural landscapes, making it a great place for outdoor activities and adventure.
  • Great working conditions: Australian employers are required to provide a safe working environment and fair working conditions, including minimum wage, paid leave, and other benefits.
  • Long-term stay opportunities: Australia offers a variety of visa options for those who wish to stay long-term, including skilled worker visas, student visas, and permanent residency.

Good for Education

Australia is also a Popular study-abroad destination. Here are some Scholarships in Australia.

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